Posted by: Wildan Maulana | July 12, 2007

[Draft] Compiling GnuPG, Perl (MicroPerl), for AVR32


root@elekta:/home/wildan/netherland-project/encryption/gnupg# wget -c

root@elekta:/home/wildan/netherland-project/encryption/gnupg# tar jxf gnupg-1.4.7.tar.bz2

root@elekta:/home/wildan/netherland-project/encryption/gnupg# cd gnupg-1.4.7

root@elekta:/home/wildan/netherland-project/encryption/gnupg/gnupg-1.4.7# cp /home/wildan/netherland-project/ngw100/packagesByW/config/config.* scripts/

root@elekta:/home/wildan/netherland-project/encryption/gnupg/gnupg-1.4.7# CC=avr32-linux-gcc CFLAGS=-O2 ./configure –host=avr32-linux –prefix=/home/wildan/netherland-project/ngw100/packagesByW/GnuPG1.4.7

root@elekta:/home/wildan/netherland-project/encryption/gnupg/gnupg-1.4.7# make ARCH=avr32 CROSS_COMPILE=avr32-linux-

root@elekta:/home/wildan/netherland-project/encryption/gnupg/gnupg-1.4.7# make ARCH=avr32 install


Perl (MicroPerl)

root@elekta:/home/wildan/netherland-project/ngw100/packagesByW/perl# wget -c

root@elekta:/home/wildan/netherland-project/ngw100/packagesByW/perl# tar jxf stable.tar.bz2

root@elekta:/home/wildan/netherland-project/ngw100/packagesByW/perl/perl-5.8.8# make CC=avr32-linux-gcc  ARCH=avr32 CROSS_COMPILE=avr32-linux- -f Makefile.micro



  1. Hallo
    My name is Simon Kretschmer i live in Germany and have me NGW100 bought. I have a problem with the tutorial ( The download is no longer available from perl. Can you help me?
    Yours sincerely, Simon Kretschmer

  2. Hello,
    sorry for my english,i am from Germany and it is not so perfect.

    I will Cross-Compile Perl (Micro-Perl) for my NGW100 (AVR32) and i bekame this Error:

    Asterix@Asterix:~/leibnix/perl5.10/perl-5.10.0> make CC=avr32-linux-gcc
    ARCH=avr32 CROSS_COMPILE=avr32-linux- -f Makefile.micro
    avr32-linux-gcc -c -o
    In file included from globals.c:30:
    perl.h:4125: error: expected expression before ‘;’ token
    make: *** [uglobals.o] Fehler 1

    Can you Help me? I don’t understand it. ;-(
    Thank you.

    Greats from Germany


  3. Dear Friends,
    Sorry .., I can’t answer all your questions

    i never play with avr32 since i resigned from my old company .., i don’t have any avr32 stuff at home so i can’t play with it again.. )-:

    Hope you all can find out the solution of your problems ..

  4. […] Perl (MicroPerl) […]


    the make will generate one error perl.h 4256

    #ifdef DOINIT
    EXTCONST char PL_uudmap[256] =
    #include “uudmap.h”

    the ground for it is the generate_uudmap it is compiled in the first step by the cross compiler, and has to be run on the target !

    scp generate_uudmap
    after this run the generate_uudmap > uudmap.h on the target machine, and copy the header back to the compile plattform !!!

    after this mikroperl is compiled without errors for your target !

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