Posted by: Wildan Maulana | August 21, 2007

Hotplug2, udev replacement for embedded system ?

When playing with openwrt build system, i found hotplug2 module, the comment says :

Hotplug2 is a trivial replacement of some of the UDev functionality                                                  │
in a tiny pack, intended for Linux early userspace: Init RAM FS and InitRD.                                          │                                                                               Symbol: PACKAGE_hotplug2 [=y]
Prompt: hotplug2…….. Dynamic device management subsystem for embedded systems
Defined at tmp/
-> Utilities

Honestly, i don’t know much about udev it self, but i will lear more about it, i just curious , if the cause of failed dm-crypt functionalities is related to udev or not ?


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