Posted by: Wildan Maulana | September 1, 2007

T2 SDE and Buildroot

After two days playing with T2 SDE (, there are several things i don’t like (as a newbie of course .. :D) : 1. The config menu which is really really slow .., altough Rene and the others are trying to make it faster .. 2. For avr32 there is no choice which board type i use, ngw100 or stk1000 ? 3. The dependencies hell .. )-:

A liitle bit dissapointed with T2 SDE, I find atmel already release the new buildroot for their board ( which is much more faster and flexible ..and easy to use of course .. 🙂

For now on, i’ll concentrate on buildroot, coz it’s more comfortable for me.

But, I must admit that Rene and the others at CodeExact already build such great product, i hope someday i can create such great products too .. 🙂



  1. jadi kayak enkripsi ya dhan ato apa nieh … wah sy ga ngerti euy .. ajarin dunks .. heheheh

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