Posted by: Wildan Maulana | August 21, 2009

[Draft] SquirrelMail/postfix to Zimbra migration plus Alfresco Integration



To observe the default zimbra ldap schema, for convenience, you can use Apache Directory Studio[2]. Just
open the LDAP prespective on your eclipse :

Eclipse LDAP Perspective

Eclipse LDAP Perspective

And then create a new connection to Zimbra LDAP which is using OpenLDAP by default, LDAP –> New Connection.

Fill the Connection Name with descriptive name, hostname, dan let the port to the default value.

Creating a New Connection

Creating a New Connection

You can click on the Check Network Parameter button to make sure your entry was right.


Click Next.

On the Authentication page, set Authentication Method to No Authentication.


Click Finish..

Now, you can browse your LDAP schema in read only mode :

Apache Directory Studio

Apache Directory Studio

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