Posted by: Wildan Maulana | October 9, 2009

OpenThink Dashboard now is more stable

After refractoring the javascript of OpenThink Dashboard to use Object Notation Style (JSON), the application is become more stable and much faster.

Btw, i found this book very-very usefull when designing dashboard application that make your boss happy :

Here is the pseudo-code of the code :

var openthink_dashboard = {
    applyLayout: function() {},
    applySortable: function() {},
  attachAvailableDashboardEventListener: function(){},
  resizeChartOnZoomDialog: function(){},
  resizeChartAlso: function() {}
  saveImage: function() {}
  findSWF: function() {}

var hash ={
   updatedHash: function() {},
   hiPortletID: function() {}

it’s not finished yet, i need more function to handle PDF generation, chart creation (for chart creator on the backend) etc.

Chart can also be resized on it canvas

Chart can also be resized on it canvas


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